Julia Friedman

Founder & Chief Scone Strategist

Alicia Arias

Head Baker

Julia Friedman, Founder & Chief Scone Strategist

An entrepreneur and writer, with a passion for food, Julia is in search of the perfect scone: a scone that not only tastes heavenly, but also looks out of this world. She comes from a family where food is an expression of love and is the centerpiece of social gatherings. A former gallery owner, Julia is also the Founder of ExchangeWorks, a web-based resource for the art world. Currently, Julia is writing her first novel. She is a graduate of Washington University, St. Louis.

Alicia Arias, Head Baker

Like all of us at Sconely, Alicia’s passion for cooking and baking came early in life, as her mom was always in the kitchen creating wholesome meals for her family. After completing a Culinary Arts degree from California School of Culinary Arts, Pasadena, she was a pastry chef at Water Grill, Los Angeles, Tomgirl Baking Company, Huntington Beach, CA and most recently Head Baker at SusieCakes Bakery, where she helped open new locations in San Francisco, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Debi Saltzberg, Advisor

A graduate from The Hotel Restaurant department at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Debi has spent 25 years in the Restaurant Industry experiencing all positions from the Back of the House to Upper Management and Operations at top restaurants and resorts. Her love for food and beverage has also taken her on a journey into Biodynamic and Organic Farming.