Mom and the KidsSome of my happiest childhood memories revolve around food, which has always been an expression of love in my family. After overcoming cancer 15 years ago, food became even more central to my life. As I adopted healthier eating habits, it was difficult to find tasty and nutritious baked goods that met my standards. I researched on my own and worked with a chef to develop a new kind of scone and later, scone crisp, focusing on recipes that maximize nutrition while packing a flavorful punch.

An entrepreneur with a passion for food, I felt that scones were underrated, versatile, and incredibly social. I wanted to take the humble scone to a new level and spread the love. Sconely is dedicated to my Mom, who loved to bake and build community around food. 

Sconely has been baking in Los Angeles since 2017.

Julia Friedman, Sconely Founder and Chief Scone Strategist